Transform DX Building with Kajoo, the AI-powered DXC Platform!

Reduce lengthy delays and missed deadlines by using our visual no-code DXC platform to quickly build and deploy digital experiences integrated with your existing headless systems. Accelerate your design-build-ship cycle and help drive growth, 10x faster!

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Import your design

Are you tired of spending countless hours manually coding your designs? Kajoo allows you to easily convert your Figma designs into high-quality, responsive code. With just a few clicks, you can transform your designs into visually stunning, dynamic websites. Our advanced AI algorithms ensure that your code is clean and efficient, saving you time and hassle, and streamlining your design-to-code process.


Build your own design system

Define your brand colors, fonts, and elements style, and apply them easily to your components and elements. Save them as a ‘style guide’ to reuse in future projects.


Build easily with drag & drop

Our drag-and-drop website builder makes it easy to create a professional website without any coding required. Simply drag and drop your desired elements onto the page, customize them to your liking, and hit publish. It's that simple!


Integrate with your content and data

Effortlessly integrate data from multiple sources into your website with our no-code visual integration tool. No programming skills required - simply connect your data sources and visually map them to your desired website elements. Create dynamic, data-driven websites with ease and get your data in front of your audience faster than ever before.


Go live with 1-click deployment

Hit the “Publish” button and launch your JAMstack website in no time. Simply connect your repository and let our platform handle the rest. No need to worry about complex deployment processes or configuration - just sit back and watch your website go live.


Deploy Faster

The story behind Kajoo

“I just love it when it takes blood, sweat, and tears to get my ideas from sketches to fully functioning Sitecore experiences” said No-one Ever. And it got us thinking: Translating wireframes and mockups to Sitecore code is not hard. But it's tedious. So, we made Kajoo, a low-code/no-code solution that converts design to code. Magically. Auto-magically!


Tasked with building new pages or components? And it needs to be done, like today? Kajoo automates tedious work. Upload mockups, approve the automatically-generated Sitecore code and get on with higher-value work.


Kajoo is a fast and easy way to create Sitecore components and pages that expand the functionality of your Sitecore implementation. Go ahead, dream big, and let Kajoo do the hard work. Unleash your creativity. You design it. Kajoo builds it.

Agencies and partners

Kajoo expedites development of Sitecore components, increasing efficiency, boosting revenues, and reducing internal friction. You can save up to 80%-100% of development time.

Want to see the magic in action?

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